Nepal 2017: DAY 1

I flew out of JFK after 2 hours of flight delay due to a winter storm. I had managed to take 2 laptops with me for the school but if I was to be questioned by authority, I would suggest the laptops as one personal and one from work. John was carrying 2 laptops as... Continue Reading →

Adventure Awaits

Flying tomorrow out of JFK. I have so much to share. I started the day with a chat with my cousin Bibek in Nepal who is working very hard. He is trying to buy some paint to paint the classes, managing artists, borrowing tents, etc. Thank you so much Bibek for lending a hand, couldn't... Continue Reading →

Request Form Sent- Eithad Airways

As I am preparing to take laptops to Nepal, I have acquired 6 laptops as donations. I am currently working very hard to reformat the computer and assess if it will be of good use once I take it back. I have received couple of laptop with broken screen and some don't turn on. There... Continue Reading →

Nepal 2017 – Computer Class

I really don't know where to start to be honest, last time I wrote my blog was when I was in Kathmandu. A lot has happened since. Shree Suryodhoye Primary School is built and kids are currently attending school. I was unable to stay until the end of construction because I had accepted a job... Continue Reading →

Construction has began!!

A lot of progress has been made for the past few days since I arrived from Chautara. Sushil Koirala (president of the Survivors) had also arrived from Thailand. I had met up with Sushil dai and Jayram dai and we discussed the school project at Ramche, Sindupalanchowk. As I shared the story there, we made... Continue Reading →

Final Hurdle

This is it!!! All the work I have been during for the past few months comes to a visit to Chautara, Sindupalanchowk tomorrow. It is where I will be seeking approval from the board of education at the district headquarter. I also would like to give big big big thanks to Square Unit Architecture Design... Continue Reading →

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