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This morning Jayram Pudasaini (executive director of the Survivors) received a called from Hari Prasad Poudel regarding the reconstruction of Bal Shikchya primary school. Mr. Poudel does not want us to reconstruct the school. He believes that the Nepal government will construct a school for the kids within this year with Reinforced Concrete Cement also... Continue Reading →

The REAL Challenge

I met up with Mr. Prem Shrestha in morning of January 25 to go over the type of truss he will need to build with respect with design. As we discussed, It was essential for him to go and see the site. We (Bikash, Prem-ji and I) decided to take a ride to Bal Shikchya... Continue Reading →

Work in Progress.

So... I have been busy with appointments with different construction company. As I was looking for contractors, I realized few things. Once I hire a contractor, he will be responsible for materials, delivery, labour cost, installation, and other add ons. This would limit the involvement of the villagers with the project. One of our goal... Continue Reading →

Other Options?

Last week, there was a festival called Mage Sangrati. I would like to wish everyone Happy Mage Sangrati (Magh 1st). Magh 1st is a date in Nepali calendar where Nepali people celebrate with traditional homemade sweets such as chaku, Sakhhar, tilauri, tarul, ghee, khichadi, etc. It was something I had not celebrated in United States... Continue Reading →

Bhawani International- Supplies

For the past couple of days, we (Jayram Dai and I) been trying to get in touch with Amit Sinha who supplies materials for the construction of the school. We met up at Thapathali this afternoon, and reviewed all the details necessary for the construction of school. Let me explain.. First, we estimated all the... Continue Reading →

Visit to Bal Shikshya

It was an early morning trip to Jamne, Thokarpa. I had called the vice principal of Bal Shikshya Mr. Hari Parsad Poudel the day before to inform him regarding my visit. As outlined on my previous blog, I was eager to meet and discuss the strategies regarding the reconstruction of the permanent school. Kotgau, Thokarpa... Continue Reading →

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