Thankful for Everything

I officially became a mama (uncle) of 2 new born boys Ariyan and Bihaan. A lot has been going on in my family setting ever since, a lot of dippers, baby toys and lots of car seats carrying duties for the babies. When there are babies in the house, it definitely adds a lot of... Continue Reading →


“Another One”

I want to start this blog with a ted talk I came across recently. It was so amazing to see what has happened to a man from Sudan with a skill sets to read and write. His music now is a weapon for change and inspiration to the upcoming generation.   This past week,... Continue Reading →

Backpack that Provides 8 Hours of Education

During my Nepal travels, I was also thinking in the back of my mind of a product I can bring back to the USA that can help uplift the community as well as sustain our work. As I mentioned in our last blog, Lanna and I had started a company called Impact Mart where every... Continue Reading →

Team Work makes the Dream Work

I was up by 6:00 AM. As we were in our tents, kids came from their houses to the school to wake us up. They were super excited and curious to see what we were going to do. We made some breakfast which consisted of Nepali Chai aka milk tea, coconut biscuits, etc. While the... Continue Reading →


  One of the things I never noticed was when John pointed out the poles filled with wires in Nepal. When he was taking pictures of the poles, I was making fun of him but now when I see the picture, it all makes sense!! As we left for Ramche, We stopped at Dolalghat for... Continue Reading →

Nepal 2017: DAY 2

When I woke up in the morning around 5:30 AM, John was up and looking at the view from the window already. He is someone who sleeps roughly 4 hours on a good day. I proceeded towards the rest room to freshen up. We packed our bags for the trip. We packed 3 days since... Continue Reading →

Nepal 2017: DAY 1

I flew out of JFK after 2 hours of flight delay due to a winter storm. I had managed to take 2 laptops with me for the school but if I was to be questioned by authority, I would suggest the laptops as one personal and one from work. John was carrying 2 laptops as... Continue Reading →

Adventure Awaits

Flying tomorrow out of JFK. I have so much to share. I started the day with a chat with my cousin Bibek in Nepal who is working very hard. He is trying to buy some paint to paint the classes, managing artists, borrowing tents, etc. Thank you so much Bibek for lending a hand, couldn't... Continue Reading →

Thank You

With all that is going on in this world, I am blessed I have people watching my back. I want to point out few people for guiding me to become who I am today. Bhim Bhandari:┬áThank You Buba. He honestly is one of the dopest people I know. He is loud and wild at times,... Continue Reading →

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